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All products displayed on this site are manufactured by pharmaceutical factory RSM Enterpsrises, established in 2008 in Chandigarh (India).

RSM Enterprises is a well known exporter and supplier of a wide range of pharmaceutical products. The product range includes for hair growth, slimming capsules, anti-depressants, drugs to increase potency for men, drugs to increase sexual desire in women, and so forth.

All products have been thoroughly tested by specialized experts. All drugs are effective and completely safe for human health.

We declare with full responsibility to all doubters, and to law enforcement officials, that our work is absolutely legal and in any case is not contrary to law.

This product is not counterfeit, presents no risk to the consumer.

Delivery Service US2RX.com, formally, is a non-profit organization whose ranks consist Collectibles: magnets, lighters, etc. All new members to join our non-profit organization, we give the right to acquire collectible merchandise delivered to your door. Our customers who purchase magnets in our store, do not look for opportunities where to buy generic drugs, or dietary supplements, as they can get free drugs for home delivery.

All goods are pharmaceutical factory «SUNRISE» and «RSM» (India).

Unlike generic drugs from the original

Each new drug or medicine, first developed by the pharmaceutical company, receive official (patented) name – brand and patent for the production and distribution. Patent that within 25 years of the company, other competitors do not have the right to produce the drug that the manufacturer could recoup the costs expended earlier studies and laboratory tests.

Generic – is an analogue of innovative medicines, which expired Brendan protection. Generic drugs for male potency have the same composition of active ingredients, dosage form and efficiency, as well as the original means, but do not have a patent. The cost of the generic is much lower than the original, as new manufacturers do not bear the cost of developing and testing drugs, they simply copy, so the production is cheaper.

Our product is not inferior in quality and has international certificates.

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