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Key benefits of buying generic drugs instead of the usual:

- The cost of pills generic viagra in all cases much lower than the originals. This means that these drugs can afford all sectors of society, including the elderly and disabled;

- Due to the low cost drugs, even in less developed countries, physicians have access to all the modern medicines, they can treat patients more effectively and well;

- Due to the fact that generic drugs are not primary, but only counterparts, their miraculous effect obviously known to doctors and patients, there is no danger to the body they are not;

- After the appearance of generic drugs, pharmaceutical companies are forced to invent and introduce to the market new drugs, or their old tools become uncompetitive;

- In the Russian medical use of drugs generic inevitable, due to insufficient funding for health care by the state and the low living standards of the general population;

Our online store is ready to offer a wide variety of generic drugs to increase potency. With a wide range of products, you can choose the drug to your taste and budget!

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