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Generic (generic, generic drug, generic medicine) (English. Generic) – a drug with proven pharmaceutical, biological and therapeutic equivalence to the original. That is, a drug having the same composition as the active ingredients, dosage form and effectiveness as the original drug, but having no patent protection. May differ from the original drug composition. Placed on the market after the expiration of patent protection for the original drug. (- Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia).

Many of us have never heard of the word “generic”, though almost certainly, every once in my life already buying generics, and more likely to buy them regularly. You may ask, if two drugs are identical in composition and action, how can the price is different in a few times? Let’s answer this question by going to the pharmacy, for example, for aspirin. See on expensive showcase beautiful green box of aspirin logo familiar to you on television advertising company, produced in Belgium? And you can see a number of inexpensive paper blister aspirin without beautiful packaging, Russian production? Here’s just one of the thousands of examples of generic and brand drugs.

Of generic drug – not a fake, and the same works, but much cheaper drug. Low prices of these drugs should not be afraid, they are wholly owned chemical equivalent of widely advertised brand drug, the development of the chemical formula of which the manufacturing company have invested a lot of money. Of course that is designed to cover those costs price brand drug. Generic manufacturers do not bear the cost of developing the formula, clinical trials, “promotion” of the drug, but simply copies the existing chemical formula of the drug and can successfully compete with the brand in the price. Contrary to belief, of generic drugs do not produce on the obsolete equipment. Since the production process of a recurring process of production of the original, factory-reproducers must have appropriate laboratory and production facilities that already in itself implies compliance FDA (Office of the Food and Drug Administration).

Offered by our pharmacy generic drugs manufactured in India, a country that officially meets only 4% of demand in the market of generic drugs the USA. The share of Indian generic drugs in the world market has been steadily approaching 30%. All generics are produced CIPLA concern founded in 1935 and is the largest pharmaceutical company in India, not only reproducing drugs, but also actively involved in their development.

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